Being on the first Google page: your mouth watering!

The SEO web on Google it's like gastronomy. The offer in SEO consultant is bloated: you can come across the worst 5-star advice, or the best in the corner of a tiny dead end. Do you know why you are reading this article? Because you're figuring out how to get your website, blog, webpage, or online store to appear on top of this Google vampire. You want to taste the caviar of the natural reference : the first google page !

In fact, everything is complicated, or simple, like finding a good restaurant in Paris or in an unfamiliar city. You need a guide, a friend who gives you the right address and everything clears up. For these recipes, therefore, a little patience is advised. These are the foundations for enjoying a top position on Google.

A taste of what you will find here:

The first secret to properly referencing your site, empathy

As in the kitchen if you are greedy and generous you will satisfy your visitors. Don't you like to wait at the table for 30 minutes before being Served? Make your website appear like a rocket! Do you hate being served the same dish in all sauces? Be original and put all your heart and your know-how into it. You will see it is easier than you think to position your page so that it is in the first results.

Second secret to SEO your wordpress site, speed.

The above example explains it, the speed of a website is essential for a good positioning in a search engine. Whether it is Google, Yahoo or Bing! Why ? Because if a search engine knows that your site is fast, firstly the time allocated to its robot to scan it will be more profitable, and if another site with exactly the same content but less fast, will be displayed in front of it in the SERPs .
You must therefore seek to optimize your WordPress blog to make posting faster. You will find optimization techniques in the recipe sheets that will strengthen your SEO. I advise you to start with the first Recipe # 1: Appetizing website, SEO sauce

Third secret to getting on the first Google page: content, content, content !

If you are reading these words it is because I have held your attention so far. This article appeared in a search engine or on another page that brought you in. My article was posted at lightning speed. And what you read pleases you. Writing for the web is writing for your Internet users by adding a handful of semantics to get more traffic. It's simple otherwise you would have already gone to other sources of information.

To summarize you will find on this site a lot ofSEO tips for a good position on Goggle, Bing, etc; To optimize your website, build a good e-reputation, SEO tools galore, and advice on how to write an article or a product sheet on your e-commerce. What makes the difference with any other SEO consultancy site? That's the form: free, simple and complete recipe cards. Are you stuck on setting up a tool? No problem, we can help you or even intervene on your site.

The philosophy of alaSEOupe is to offer you a chronological progression of the actions to be carried out for your natural referencing.

The site is organized like a cooking site, you will quickly notice. The most important content, you will find it in the recipe cards. These are the ones that will get you to the first page of Google. You will also find the best semantic analysis plugins that will help you rank your site well. And analytics plugins to track your progress and know your visitors.

But in fact, what does SEO mean ?

It is the English acronym for Search Engine Optimization : optimization for search engines. And the SERP, which stands for " Search Engine Result Page Is the concrete result. The better your SEO, the higher you will be in the SERPs. You will find for each technical word a definition in the lexicon that I am putting in place. SXO, SERP, SEO, TAGS… Each of these magic words will help you in your quest. In the meantime, you can find all the definitions on

Bon appétit, good SEO and good first Google page!

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