Month: February 2018

Recette n°6 Mets tes données au frais pour bien les conserver

Recipe n ° 6 Put your data in a cool place to keep it well

Nothing is more important, believe me, than this recipe. As you put your food in the fridge to keep it well, it is important to store your data by organizing a backup. Because on the internet it is easy to make a mistake, which can reduce to […]

Recette n°5 Nettoie ton poste de travail

Recipe n ° 5 Clean your workstation

How to install a wordpress without the default articles and plugins? It is not possible. But before we go any further we will clean up the default installation to start on a clean basis. It's time to go discover your WordPress dashboard. We will […]

Recette N°4 De l’importance de bien SSLer

Recipe N ° 4 The importance of SSLing well

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In French, "guaranteed security holds". It is the protocol which allows your visitor to know that he is indeed on a secure site. It is very important for the trust that your visitor places in you (you know the […]

Recette n°3 : Éclaté de nuage minute

Recipe # 3: Minute Cloud Burst

The Cloudflare service (literally “cloud burst”) is a service that allows you to better distribute your data! It creates a cache between your visitors and your server. These files are thus distributed all over the world, as close as possible to each visitor. […]

Recette n°2 : Comment peser et mesurer ses progrès en SEO

Recipe # 2: How to weigh and measure your SEO progress

Nothing is more frustrating than progressing without knowing by how much. Here is an essential free tool to measure your progress in SEO cooking. Nothing escapes his sharp eye! Your goal? Approach the SCORE 100/100. But beware, each modification of your site may […]