Month: March 2018

Recette N°12 Jetpack or not Jetpack ? Les ficelles de l’assaisonnement SEO

Recipe N ° 12 Jetpack or not Jetpack? The ropes of SEO seasoning

There are tough decisions to be made. Unsalted butter or salted butter? To the right or to the left ? Running or walking in the rain? Jetpack or not Jetpack? If you are really brand new and fresh from the egg in the […]

Recette N°11 Tu ne veux pas manger du Spam toute ta vie, si ?

Recipe # 11 You don't want to eat spam all your life, do you?

Wikipedia tells you that Spam is a brand of pre-cooked canned meat that can be eaten as is cold, reheated or cooked. It is a product of the American company Hormel. The brand name will be the source of the term “spam” for electronic mail […]

Recette N°10 Compotée d’images et compression minute (régime minceur)

Recipe N ° 10 Compote of images and minute compression (slimming diet)

Today we are going to talk about calories and image compression! Yes, because the thinner a site, the faster it runs. In absolute terms, a site made only with text would get scores that are difficult to beat. But it is well known, thinness is not necessarily synonymous […]

Recette N°9 Salade de WP Rocket express

Recipe N ° 9 Salad from WP Rocket express

It is extremely rare that I invest money in an extension. For the simple reason that the plugins of the free world are generally more than sufficient for more than adequate results for a good natural referencing. But we must admit that for […]

Recette n°8 Poule aux oeufs d’or façon secret des dieux sauce B2B

Recipe n ° 8 Chicken with golden eggs, secret of the gods, B2B sauce

Getting good Google SEO is often a matter of common sense. Or even intuition. But being able to nominally know the person who visited your site is a webmaster's dream. Know that in this recipe you will discover the Holy Grail: the tool […]

Recette n°7 Connais tes convives mieux que toi même

Recipe n ° 7 Know your guests better than yourself

When you receive someone, it is important to know them well. Certainly you cannot guess who will cross the threshold of your website. What is he waiting for? What are his tastes? Do you have time? What menu to offer him? This is […]