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Comment optimiser ton site pour les moteurs de recherche

How to optimize your site for search engines

Among the SEO experts on the web, François Lamotte from (semantic optimization plugin) is one of the most generous there is. He disseminates his knowledge with the aim of being as educational as possible. You want to know how to go about it to be perfectly […]

Recette N°15 Fond de tarte RGPD pour tarteaucitron.js, sauce rhinocéros

Recipe N ° 15 RGPD tart base for tarteaucitron.js, rhinoceros sauce

You have been eating GDPR for a few weeks morning, noon and night. And you still haven't quite figured out what the hell is all about. You have installed the tarteaucitron.js extension as I suggested in recipe n ° 14. But you only came part of the way […]

Recette N°14 La véritable recette de la tarteaucitron.js, pour respecter le RGPD

Recipe N ° 14 The real recipe for tarteaucitron.js, to comply with the GDPR

This morning I woke up in a panic! I had a bad dream, where the European police came to arrest me by smashing my door. It was May 26, 2018. I had not complied with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). I […]

Ton thème WordPress est-il optimisé au niveau référencement ?

Is your WordPress theme SEO optimized?

Have you chosen your theme for your website or blog in WordPress? Now, we will have to do everything to personalize it and make it SEO Friendly by applying the right SEO recipes. Why do you have to recode your WordPress theme? […]

Recette N°13 Investir dans un robot de cuisine SEO, ce n’est pas du luxe !

Recipe N ° 13 Investing in an SEO food processor is not a luxury!

A robots.txt file is so trivial, you could easily miss it. However… As I am nice, I will give you the recipe to give you a robot for free. You may have understood it, here it is actually a file intended for robots […]

Suis les conseils SEO que tu donnes : sauvegarde, sauvegarde, sauvegarde…

Follow the SEO advice you give: save, save, save ...

It's not all about being smart by taking Le Chef as a nickname, but I'd better apply the SEO advice I give you to myself! I failed! I confess! I made a plugin update without prior saving. […]

Recette N°12 Jetpack or not Jetpack ? Les ficelles de l’assaisonnement SEO

Recipe N ° 12 Jetpack or not Jetpack? The ropes of SEO seasoning

There are tough decisions to be made. Unsalted butter or salted butter? To the right or to the left ? Running or walking in the rain? Jetpack or not Jetpack? If you are really brand new and fresh from the egg in the […]

Recette N°11 Tu ne veux pas manger du Spam toute ta vie, si ?

Recipe # 11 You don't want to eat spam all your life, do you?

Wikipedia tells you that Spam is a brand of pre-cooked canned meat that can be eaten as is cold, reheated or cooked. It is a product of the American company Hormel. The brand name will be the source of the term “spam” for electronic mail […]

Recette N°10 Compotée d’images et compression minute (régime minceur)

Recipe N ° 10 Compote of images and minute compression (slimming diet)

Today we are going to talk about calories and image compression! Yes, because the thinner a site, the faster it runs. In absolute terms, a site made only with text would get scores that are difficult to beat. But it is well known, thinness is not necessarily synonymous […]

Recette N°9 Salade de WP Rocket express

Recipe N ° 9 Salad from WP Rocket express

It is extremely rare that I invest money in an extension. For the simple reason that the plugins of the free world are generally more than sufficient for more than adequate results for a good natural referencing. But we must admit that for […]

Recette n°8 Poule aux oeufs d’or façon secret des dieux sauce B2B

Recipe n ° 8 Chicken with golden eggs, secret of the gods, B2B sauce

Getting good Google SEO is often a matter of common sense. Or even intuition. But being able to nominally know the person who visited your site is a webmaster's dream. Know that in this recipe you will discover the Holy Grail: the tool […]

Recette n°7 Connais tes convives mieux que toi même

Recipe n ° 7 Know your guests better than yourself

When you receive someone, it is important to know them well. Certainly you cannot guess who will cross the threshold of your website. What is he waiting for? What are his tastes? Do you have time? What menu to offer him? This is […]

Recette n°6 Mets tes données au frais pour bien les conserver

Recipe n ° 6 Put your data in a cool place to keep it well

Nothing is more important, believe me, than this recipe. As you put your food in the fridge to keep it well, it is important to store your data by organizing a backup. Because on the internet it is easy to make a mistake, which can reduce to […]

Recette n°5 Nettoie ton poste de travail

Recipe n ° 5 Clean your workstation

How to install a wordpress without the default articles and plugins? It is not possible. But before we go any further we will clean up the default installation to start on a clean basis. It's time to go discover your WordPress dashboard. We will […]

Recette N°4 De l’importance de bien SSLer

Recipe N ° 4 The importance of SSLing well

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In French, "guaranteed security holds". It is the protocol which allows your visitor to know that he is indeed on a secure site. It is very important for the trust that your visitor places in you (you know the […]

Recette n°3 : Éclaté de nuage minute

Recipe # 3: Minute Cloud Burst

The Cloudflare service (literally “cloud burst”) is a service that allows you to better distribute your data! It creates a cache between your visitors and your server. These files are thus distributed all over the world, as close as possible to each visitor. […]

Recette n°2 : Comment peser et mesurer ses progrès en SEO

Recipe # 2: How to weigh and measure your SEO progress

Nothing is more frustrating than progressing without knowing by how much. Here is an essential free tool to measure your progress in SEO cooking. Nothing escapes his sharp eye! Your goal? Approach the SCORE 100/100. But beware, each modification of your site may […]

Recette N°1 : Site web appétissant, sauce SEO

Recipe # 1: Appetizing website, SEO sauce

Nothing is better than a tasty website! It is the joy of gourmets and gourmets. For its tasting to be perfect, however, it must be fluid, attractive to the eye and that all the ingredients are present. Follow this recipe step by […]